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From diet to drills, our workout sessions take a holistic approach towards your well-being covering every aspect of your health. A robust body lends confidence, improves metabolism and reflects in the overall glow of your skin. To sum it up, we exercise our skills to ensure that you walk out healthier and happier.

Does weight training adversely affect the Height of growing children?

Some of the parents don’t allow their kids to join gymnasium because they think that weight training stops increase in height. But this is a myth; gain in height is related to epiphysis plates which are present at the end of bones and soft in nature approximately till the age of 18yrs in female and 21yrs in male.  Also gain in height is depending on genetic characters. Moderate intensity with proper protocol helps to build tissues stronger in kids.

Can I do weight training, being a Woman?

Women are always scared with weight training concept and always happy with floor and cardio exercises. But floor exercises are useless in long time because of lack of progressive overload. Women think that by doing weight training they will gain muscles like men, but this is another myth, because hormones present in women i.e. estrogen does not favor muscle development. On other side weight training helps to increase muscle tone in women which is already poor because of estrogen. As well as it helps to increase bone density which is decreasing due to monthly hormone imbalance. Since there are lots of hormone imbalances in every stage of women’s age, it’s necessary for women to do weight training to preserve muscles for overall stability and strength.

Is Target FAT Loss possible?

This is one of the major myths in fitness industry on which most of the people strongly believe. There is nothing like as target FAT loss. Many people are doing ABS workout for hours and hours to reduce FAT from stomach area. And women are always doing thigh and hip related workouts to reduce FAT from their problem areas. But FAT loss happens overall and also varies from person to person. It is FIRST COME LAST OUT AND LAST COME FIRST OUT principle. The area where FAT get deposited at the beginning will get reduce at the end and FAT get deposited at the end will get loss at the beginning. So don’t waste your time in doing useless exercises and concentrate on bigger muscle group for maximum FAT loss.

How does FAT loss happen?

When you start exercise there are some microscopic tares off in your muscle & bone tissue. So when you keep proper protein intake at night by cutting carbohydrates then body start repair         work for damage tissue at resting. For this repair work body required lots of calories, but when you restrict those calories at night, body uses FAT which is source of calories stored in your body for recovery process and thus damage tissues get recovered with the help of protein and simultaneously FAT get burned out in this recovery process. So if you want large FAT loss, then target big muscles for bigger microscopic tear off which leads bigger recovery process and bigger the process, bigger the FAT loss. 

Does more workout give more Result?

Many people spending more than 1 hour in the gym for more FAT loss and some of them are struggling for more muscle mass. But the truth is your workout should be of 45 min. to 1 hour. Because workout more than 1 hour cause overtraining and instead of developing muscles, your body start losing muscles because of catabolic effect. Many people thinks that they build their muscles in gym, so more the workout more the muscle gain, but in gym you damage your muscle and when you are resting body repairs and increase size of muscle through recovery process. Many people think more workout means more they sweat & more the FAT loss. But there is no relation between sweat and FAT loss. More sweating is depends upon your water intake and mainly on no of pores in skin. Thus your workout should be smart and technically sound to achieve desire awesome fitness not sluggishness.

Does Strength Training cause a loss in flexibility?

Most of the people not use full range of motion during weight resistance exercise and it lead to restriction in range of motion and in result loss in flexibility. Exercise with full range of motion gives more pressure on muscles as well as it make muscle to stretch with complete range and in result you can achieve desire mobility in-between joints. Proper stretching also required after any exercise to increase flexibility as after workout your body is warm and stretching are more effective on warm body. So a proper stretching program and use of the correct lifting technique through full Range of Motion this cannot loss flexibility.

Does exercise convert fat to muscle & will muscle get converted to fat after we stop?

1st remember that fat and muscles are 2 different tissues and they can’t change their forms by anyhow. When you exercise you increase your lean mass and with proper diet program you restrict calories which lead to drop in FAT percentage. But when you stop exercise, you stop FAT burning process and without proper diet you can’t restrict calorie intake which lead to increase in FAT percentage. So not Fat gets converted into muscle or not muscles get converted into FAT.

Does lifting lighter weight with more repetition create Muscular Definition?

When this is done, you extend your set beyond anaerobic energy system. Doing this increases exercise time and muscle discomfort, which may result in overtraining, reduced strength gain, and burnout. And if this happens the muscle tissue will employ more recovery energy for repair purpose than for building processes. Muscle definition is related with your FAT%, as you drop FAT% muscle definition will be more visible.

Doing only cardio helps lose weight faster?

Only doing cardio helps burn calories and thus fat, but only during the exercise period. But when you combine cardio with strength training it not only burns calories when exercising but even at rest because the muscles are recovering and growing, so body demands additional calories just to maintain the muscle tissue.

Does taking Steam Bath or Sauna help Lose Fat?

Steam and Sauna are only for realizing muscle tension. Sitting in Steam or Sauna depletes your body of water. So once you drink water after using steam and sauna you will have your body weight back.

Will I get a Flat stomach if I do Lots of Crunches and Abs Exercise?

Abdominals are like any other muscle in the body. By doing Floor crunches or Abs Exercise one only strengthens the muscle. But by following a proper exercise routine and a proper diet one can lose weight by lowering the bodies Fat Percentage and increasing lean muscle Mass. As your FAT percentage goes down from stomach area your ABS muscle will look more prominent.