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be storong

Hardest part is walking out in the front door

Fitness Zone

be Stronger

Out in the front door, hardest part is walking

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Hardest part is walking out in the front door

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Give your body the gift of good health. Experience a ‘fit you’ like never before. At Sadguru’s Mission Fitness, we provide tailor-made fitness regimes that ensure complete fitness. This is achieved using the most advanced fitness equipment and under the trained eyes of our experts.

From diet to drills, our workout sessions take a holistic approach towards your well-being covering every aspect of your health. A robust body lends confidence, improves metabolism and reflects in the overall glow of your skin. To sum it up, we exercise our skills to ensure that you walk out healthier and happier.

Push harder than yesterday if you want on the different tomorrow.

Ramdas Shenoy

CEO - Mission Fitness
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Solutions for moving better and feeling a healthier

Resistance Studio:

The Resistance Studio offers an extensive range of single station ..

Cardio Studio:

Our state-of-the-art Cardio Studio is equipped with technically advanced equipmen..

Nutrition / Supplementation:

Working out in the gym does not guarantee good health.

Power Yoga:

Testimony to our holistic approach towards achieving complete

Push harder than yesterday your Solutions moving better and feeling different tomorrow

Why choose us
Celebrating 75 Years

In existence since the past

Vast experience in fitness since 1936

> Unisex Health Club with Huge Workout Space
> Special Ladies Timing
> Weight Training Studio
> World class Cardio Studio
> Trainer Assistance for each workout
> Fitness, Nutrition & Supplementation counselling for all
> Fitness workshops & seminars
> Cool, Invasion & Friendly Ambiance
> Adequate Parking Space.

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Dedicated and professional trainer ready to supporting

Desert Antony

Fitness Trainer

John Peter

Fitness Trainer

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Hi! This is the first time I have joined a gym and feel the fantastic experience. Though mine is a desk job the results have been encouraging. Before joining I was very skeptical about joining as I had throughout been a person doing outdoor exercises. Sadguru’s Mission Fitness Team has been giving excellent support and the positive signs are visible. Keep it up the good work!

Sanjay Panikar (MFC No: 246)

I joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness 3 months back and it was a great satisfaction for me to lose a good amount of weight. The trainer is very good at workout. They provide right information about the exercise. The workout has helped me to keep fit. Workout in the morning at Sadguru’s Mission Fitness makes a good start of the day, so join Sadguru’s Mission Fitness.

Nikhil Devkar (MFC No: 119)

I had joined gym three months back and I have gain 3 kg weight they provide good trainer to help us I am very happy with result I am would like to thank the Team Sadguru’s Mission Fitness and also advise other to join this gym and stay fit.

Sachin B . Arsud (MCF No: 21)