Bharat Murlidhar Aadhav (MFC No: 183)
I I Bharat Aadhav has been visiting Sadguru’s Mission Fitness gymnasium for last 2-3 months.
The gymnasium environment is very good and there has been positive improvement in my health. .

Sanjay Panikar (MFC No: 246)
Hi! This is the first time I have joined a gym and feel the fantastic experience. Though mine is a desk job the results have been encouraging. Before joining I was very skeptical about joining as I had throughout been a person doing outdoor exercises. Sadguru’s Mission Fitness Team has been giving excellent support and the positive signs are visible. Keep it up the good work!

Osric Fernandes (MFC No: 141)
Being an IT professional, I spend most of the day sitting in AC cubical. I had shifted from collage life to professional life immediately. I started gaining weight and getting hobby Hence I had joined the office gym. However due to the limited equipment and since we had only one trainer, I didn’t notice much effect. Here at Sadguru’s Mission Fitness gym, I have received an exercise and diet plan suited for my individual need ad designed by skilled consultant. During workout I get personal attention by trainer who not only ensure that I am doing the exercises in the right way but also constantly provide wards of motivation the result are dearly visible now and I also feel fit throughout the day . I really appreciate TEAM Sadguru’s Mission Fitness and would definitely recommend others to join the gym.

Nikhil Devkar (MFC No: 119)
I joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness 3 months back and it was a great satisfaction for me to lose a good amount of weight. The trainer is very good at workout. They provide right information about the exercise. The workout has helped me to keep fit. Workout in the morning at Sadguru’s Mission Fitness makes a good start of the day, so join Sadguru’s Mission Fitness.

Sachin B . Arsud (MCF No: 21)
I had joined gym three months back and I have gain 3 kg weight they provide good trainer to help us I am very happy with result I am would like to thank the Team Sadguru’s Mission Fitness and also advise other to join this gym and stay fit.

Shekhar Kamble (MFC No: 196)
I had joined gym two month back and I have gain 4 kg weight, I am very happy with result, I had low blood presser problem but after I joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness my problem is solved, so I am very happy for that. In a gym they are providing good trainer they are helpful and friendly. I would like to thanks Sadguru’s Mission Fitness.

Sumeet Mukharjee(MFC No: 155)
It’s been just 2 month that I have joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness my fitness level are already up. I work the whole day and look forward to gym every morning that’s a change in lifestyle. I also lost 4 kg of weight with development of noticeable shoulder and calf, biceps, triceps muscles. The diet is great and very effective if religiously followed. Thank you Sadguru’s Mission Fitness.   

Adishesh B Patanigiri (MFC No: 130)
I have joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness since 4 months its really good to be with this people I have experience a great weight loss and now I am feeling good and energetic.

Sachin Dalvi (MFC No: 270)
I have joined Sadguru’s Mission Fitness since 1 month it has been great with this people, previously I have decide lot more time for workout but can’t make it. Now I am feeling great, my weight is now under control. Cardio workout giving immense pleasure, my stamina has been increasing with each workout. Trainers are great and flexible to words all of these co-ordination is great I look forward to continue.

B. Srikant (MFC No: 116)
When I have joined sadgurus mission fitness my weight is 76 kg and now I am in 72,2kg in only 2 month This I have achieved because of continues maintaining by trainers on daily basison workouts only thing is I have to come to gym regular.

Radha Joshi (MFC No: 188)
I have joined gym two months back, I was suffering from knee and lower back pain but now after 2 months my pain has gone down and have no back pain. Trainers here are very good, sports dietician has recommended me a diet plan and I am feeling better, I would like to thank Sadguru’s Mission Fitness for doing such a wonderful job.

Bhagesh Jadhav (MFC No: 89)
I am working out with Sadguru’s Mission Fitness gym, I have joined this gym in September, 2011 and have develop a very good personality in last 2 months trainers here are very nice and help me in workout. Sports Nutritionist has given me diet and I am following it sincerely.

Feroz Shaikh (MFC No: 101)
This gym is actually wonderful, trainers are amazing they all help me in my workout regime, especially Sports Nutritionist, who has given me a very good diet, the crowd is very good and looking forward to continue with same gym, I am 70 now and shredded those extra fat. I had started with 96kgs I have lost 26Kg weight in 6 months.


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